• MFV Payment Screen
  • Global Authentication & Payments

    Register, pay and sign-in to services online and offline with any participating merchant, using any supported mobile wallet with your choice of identity providers.


      MFV allows users to sign-in and pay from any supported mobile wallet with any identity provider they choose.


      MFV works with credit card and cryptocurrency in mobile wallet & browser wallet extensions.


  • Our sole purpose is to take end-users and service providers on a joint journey from the status quo, which is identity-linked authentication and payments, to the promised world of low-fee, anonymous and pseudonymous commerce.

Integrated Philanthropy

Giving back is core to our culture. We have worked closely with Pledge 1% to develop a framework for how Blockchain project teams can automate giving and philanthropy.

  • 1% of Tokens

    1% of all MFV Tokens are set aside in a time-locked contract multi-signature wallet. Every year, 1% of the Canadian dollar denominated value of the tokens are sold and donated to charities around the world.

  • 1% of Time

    Full-time employees working on MFV will receive seven days of Volunteer Time Off (VTO) per calendar year with the freedom to decide when, where and for what cause they contribute their volunteer time.

  • 1% for Blockchain

    The MFV project will donate 20 development hours per full-time employee towards public blockchain and blockchain for charity projects.

Open Opportunities

Work alongside smart and ambitious people to disrupt how the world transacts. You will learn, be challenged and punch above your weight class. Join us.

  • Partnerships Development

    Toronto, Canada & Global

  • Microservices API Developer

    Toronto, Ontario

  • Cloud Systems Engineer

    Toronto, Ontario

  • Android Developer

    Toronto, Ontario

  • iOS Developer

    Toronto, Ontario

  • Agile Product Manager

    Toronto, Ontario

  • Agile Product Manager

    Toronto, Ontario

  • Smart Contract Developer

    Toronto, Ontario

  • Smart Contract Designer

    Toronto, Ontario

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